Should christians do internet dating chad michael murray kenzie dalton started dating

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God commands Christians to marry other Christians (1 Corinthians , 2 Corinthians ).

As long as this is your goal, there is nothing wrong with using online dating.

There are 1 billion profile swipes per day, with men swiping right three times as much as women.

Among the 1 billion swipes, there are 12 million matches per day.

What he really cares about is who you decide to spend time with, date, and then marry. It would be a lack of solid reasoning to assume you have a good chance of meeting a great Christian spouse by bar-hopping every weekend.I’ve never used online dating in my past, and personally have no current plans of using it in the future. If you are fully striving to trust in Him, rely on Him, and rest in Him, then I think the answer to your online dating question will become quite clear.I’ve talked through, thought through, and prayed through this topic and I don’t believe it’s the path for me. If you’ve ever thought about using online dating, I highly encourage you to think, pray, and weigh the pros and cons before ever getting online. I’ve heard several people (who’ve used online dating) say that online dating requires a lot of time. Just remember that God is bigger, mightier, and more amazing than you could ever imagine.The problem is, you cannot tell the difference at first.If we caution our teenagers, children, and young women to stay away from strangers they meet on line, does it then make sense to turn around and encourage them to do just that—meet strangers online? I have read the news stories of girls going missing after meeting up with men they met online.

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I’ve had multiple conversations and have read many blogs and articles about online dating. Online dating gives the users the chance to put their best foot forward and keep the ugly in the background. Online dating has the potential to be used because of a lack of trust in God.

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