Updating navman

Posted by / 06-Feb-2017 14:07

Updating navman

The upgraded unit includes built-in Bluetooth technology.It also includes fleet productivity tools such as automating communications and job routing with drivers on the road.

Map downloads require sufficient memory on your device - you may need to use an appropriate micro SD card (not included) to store and access the downloads if your device’s internal memory is not sufficient.

This ‘lifetime service offer’ is not transferable between devices.

The lifetime service offer applies to all devices currently offering the SUNA GPS Traffic Update RDS-TMC service, and applies to the service nationally (within its coverage area).

It wasn't cheap but who makes it is cheap and nasty. Bought mytruck 2, half the touch screen wouldn't work and kept turning its self off on the first day. I had just started navigating B Double and road train routes and having the system turn its self off every 2 minutes after restarting it was not only annoying but unsafe as it took my attention away from the road to the piece of crap on the dash. Wish I had read these reviews before I wasted my money.

Three hundred and fifty bucks and that's the quality you get. Have had tom tom but decided to buy this for av in so as to have reverse camera.

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